Demand-Based Pricing Platform

Spinzo built a demand-based pricing platform that allows companies to run exciting promotions where the final price depends on the number of committed buyers. Prices drop as people participate, and everyone pays the final low price. Buyers also have the option to pick their maximum preferred price from pre-set options.

It's Viral

Customers are motivated to share and recruit others to get a better price. Peer-to-peer sharing is more important than ever, particularly in social media where it has become increasingly difficult to engage fans directly without paid or sponsored posts.

White Label

Promotions are white labeled to any brand, but hosted by Spinzo, so there is no software integration required. Even the domain name (website address) is white labeled. Customers will experience seamless branding between a client's website and their Spinzo-powered offers.

On Demand

An easy-to-use portal allows clients to create and launch offers at any time. Once launched, offers can be promoted through the client's existing marketing channels, or through paid affiliates. Spinzo can track all affiliate referrals and even tailor the promotion's branding based on the referral source.

Redemption is Easy

Spinzo can automatically generate unique barcodes, QR codes, or promo codes which customers can use to redeem in store or online. For products, direct shipping is always an option; Spinzo can automatically generate a list of addresses for shipment.

Learn specific ways in which Spinzo can be deployed:

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