Platform Features and Benefits
With Spinzo, you will sell more tickets... faster... and more efficiently.
It is a perfect tool for sales reps, managers, and group leaders.
Here are some of the benefits you'll enjoy:
Drive higher ticket sales with a price structure that promotes sharing.
Manage promotions efficiently from a self-service web dashboard, in real-time.
Increase engagement with "Pulse Email", an instant email to all live participants.
Deploy your own branding, color scheme, group logos, and sponsorship labels.
Showcase group experiences with live progress meters.
Provide up-sell opportunities with fixed price add-ons (e.g., soda and a hot dog).
Capture buyer information efficiently with custom questions (e.g., t-shirt size).
Launch fundraisers or fundraising competitions with custom headlines and tracking.
Sell from open or pre-held inventory with Spinzo's certified Ticketmaster integration.
Allow targeted seat selection when integrated with Ticketmaster's Archtics database.
Restrict promotions by email to launch exclusive member or company-only offers.
Execute hybrid offers via web link or phone orders, with simple order entry.
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Build group customer lists and auto-subscribe them to Archtics when integrated.
Engage group leaders with their own access to live group participant data.
Subscribe to purchase notifications for a particular group or promotion.
Track referral links automatically, perfect for friends and family offers.
Venture beyond ticket sales with engaging merchandise offers that can go viral.
Prevent brokers from buying up inventory with Spinzo's contingent verification process.
Leverage your own domain name for promotions and create vanity links on the fly.
Optimize the display of fees to be included in the price or itemized separately.
Unlock lower group price points only when your volume criteria is met.
Update pricing in real-time to capture buyers committed at lower price-points.
Deliver easy sharing functionality to buyers, optimized for social media.
Attract public audiences (when appropriate) with full search engine optimization.